SANUS Simplicity SLT3-B1 37"- 90" Tilting TV Mount


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  • Fits 37”- 90” TVs

  • Up to 150 lbs.

  • Tilts up to 12º

  • Extends Up to 5.8” from the Wall

  • Fingertip-Tilting Technology

Tilt + Extend TV Wall Mount

FITS 37” TO 90” TVs UP TO 150 LBS.

The SANUS Simplicity™ SLT3 tilt + extend TV wall mount is a revolutionary tilting TV mount, allowing maximum tilt for large TVs and easy cable access. Large TVs installed on traditional tilting mounts often hit the wall, limiting the maximum tilt range. The SLT3 extends from the wall 5.8", giving you the maximum tilt possible for your TV. The 5.8” extension also provides easy access to cables, without removing your TV from the wall. 

Offers increased tilting range for large TVs

Mount extends 5.8” for easy cable access

Tilt your TV for optimal viewing from the couch or floor

Fingertip tilt allows easy TV adjustments

Effortlessly adjust level after installation

Slide TV side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall

Easy 1-2-3 Installation

Installation Questions

TV Size Range: 37” – 90”

Mount Your TV for Safety

Today’s flat-panel TVs are tall and thin making them susceptible to tipping off furniture when bumped or moved. Tipping TVs can cause property damage, personal injury or even death. The good news is these all-too-often tip-over incidents are easily preventable by mounting your TV to the wall with a SANUS Simplicity TV wall mount.